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Stop by & crash


If you need a time-out, if you are interested in experiencing the lifestyle, you're welcome to visit and discover your way. You can stay as long as we like and as long as it feels right.

We are looking for new crew members

Do you want to:

Discover your true inner self, guide others in exploring themselves, and be part of an Adventure Team at the same time? Then you just might be our new crew member! We are looking for a happy, dreamy, energetic girl, who likes to live an outdoor lifestyle & join us in our coming journeys. You should have an urge for adventure and self development, helping others, follow and make dreams come true, but not mind to go to the toilet on a bucket, out working in the rain or eat noodles three days in a row. But don't be surprised by some champagne and chokladbollar every now and then. We’re no experienced adventurers or nature people and you don’t have to be either. We just want to discover this lifestyle together as a tribe. If this sounds interesting and you feel that gut feeling telling you “Yes, I should give ’em a call”, please do! We’d be happy to hear from you. Peace – Way Out Crew


Be part of the movement of freedom seekers

Be part of the movement of freedom seekers. This 'convoy' stands for a movement, not specifically by car or boat or anything physical, but in the sense that we are on the same path. The path to freedom, whatever it might be! Convoy members help each other, wherever needed, and keep each other posted on the journey.

Join an adventure

Here, we post our upcoming activities. These are all things we have a certain tingly feeling for. Whenever we post an activity, you can join these. Just bring your gear, send us a message and we'll send you the coördinates we're at!

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