A Winter Base

A Journey through Boden and the Arctic Circle, to Jokkmokk and Tentipi in Moskosel

Endless possibilities...

With the nights becoming colder and kind of reminds you that winter is coming, (or maybe it's because of Game of Thrones, I don't know), and the thought of what we want to do, pops up more often. Do we want to go to the sun in Spain, discover the jungles of Thailand where Bird found himself and where mum and dad met, or do we want to continue exploring the north? And if so, in what way?

Endless possibilities...

The opportunity arose to visit the Buddharama Temple in Boden and we made a road trip out of it.

''Walking the corridors of Hogwarts''

Early one morning the gang + Benno & Linda set our course northward in a convoy of a Land Rover and the Blue Bus. After a day of nice talks, loud sing along songs, some naps and a lot of stops for tips on our journey to self-awareness, we arrived at a.. big house. No, I mean more like a gigantic old military complex.
We were met by an open door, and four staircases later, a gathering room with tea and coffee and a nicely decorated meditation room. But we couldn't see anyone there. We went on to explore a little part of the 40 room castle and we all felt like we were walking the corridors of Hogwarts.
After a while, a small, kind and warm hearted monk came out and offered us a hot beverage. We communicated the best we could, mostly with hand gestures and smiles.

We all feel that we aren't finished here in the North. It feels like we have tasted a teaspoon out of a full pot of Laplandic goodness - and we want more.
For the winter we want to have a base from which we can go out and explore from. A place from where we easily can get into town to work up a little saving for the winter and next years adventures.
A nice way to find a base camp for winter is to exchange something we can do, for a room or two. So after a little talk with the monk, a resident of one of the rooms - Path, and a kind lady - Widai, who helps the Temple out, it feels like the journey probably brings us to Boden this winter. They showed us to a
room with carpets and matrasses where we could sleep for the two nights we were gonna stay in town this time.

''We went out to explore the river side town, scattered with old tanks and helicopters.''

''..to do a little Bucket list item - to touch the Arctic Circle.''

We ordered a pizza and tried to envision how a city life would be like. We had a lot of fun with it and envisioned putting the Tentipi's up in one of the big rooms.
The next day we spoiled ourselves with freshly baked bread in the morning and went out to explore the river side town, scattered with old tanks and helicopters.

Early the next day we started the engines and headed off to do a little bucket list item - to touch the Arctic Circle. We drove through the town of Jokkmokk that we've heard a lot about, and started driving southward again.
We made a stop just before Moskosel, where we showed Benno, Linda, Bird, and Loo the waterfalls of ''Trollforsen'' that we've written about in a previous post. We slept like babies to the sounds of the waterfalls and went to the place where Tentipi once started, got some help with the tent, drank coffee
with the ladies and Patrik, and Loo sew the first ''Tentipants®''.

We stopped by David's workshop in Lycksele to pick up the load of Casström knives on our way home that we were going to show on the Bushcraft Festival the coming weekend. But that's whole other story... 🙂

- Indy & the Crew

- Way Out

3 Replies to “A Winter Base”

  1. “It feels like we have tasted a teaspoon out of a full pot of Laplandic goodness – and we want more.”
    Wat een prachtige woordkeuze! Na bijna 3 jaar Lapland voelt het voor mij nog dagelijks zo!

  2. Very cool story. I envy you guys having “the freedom to roam”. So glad that I got to meet you. I look forward to following your adventures. Maybe our paths will cross again someday ….

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