The Buddharama Temple

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A huge statue in the midst of serenity.

The Buddharama Temple in Fredrika. A buddhistic temple, where you will find a huge statue in the midst of nature's serenity. What's next? With the Thai monks, we will expand the Temple into the forest, with tiny meditation houses. These will be available for everyone, to find themselves through the serenity. Building these houses and laying out the trail going through the forest, is a continuous project we are working on and happy to be part of.

'A thai festival in the north of Sweden! Of course, why not?' Hand in hand with the Thai monks, we made the Buddharama Temple Fredrika ready for a party! It turned out to be a beautiful day, filled with friendly smiles, food and dancing to the thai music, sung by a live performing artist. I've never been in Thailand, but I can tell you, it is beautiful. - Freya

'a Thai festival in the north of Sweden! Of course, why not?'


'I can imagine that this place helps you get back to yourself.'

The Temple is an ongoing project from the Thai Buddhistic community. There is a temple, where a couple of Thai monks live and learn about the teachings of Buddha. Then, on the top of the mountain, two huge Buddha statues arise. The monk Phramaha Boonthin Taosiri bought a whole lot of land around the Temple, next to the lake, where we live right in the middle of. We are working together to get meditation places in the forest, for people to come and stay.

- Way Out

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