Gold Panning

Spending the days next to the river

Goldpanning at the öreälven

The maps promised us gold and right they were! We went to Bjurholm, where we found gold and a lot more: an experience. That simple life together in nature, the simple task and the joy of revealing that shining bit of metal. That was what made it special. Our visitors and friends (Niklas, Danielle and André) joined us for the goldrush. Some of us were fanatically digging for the gold and others enjoyed the time at the riverside with some fishing and chilling. After a few days of panning, we roadtripped around and found some special places. A ginourmous cave, called 'Vitterhuset', felt like a party place for the forest trolls. From here, there went an adventure trail, which made us all feel like kids again. And lastly, we went to a magical canyon, which got us to feel small and humble. Nature is beautiful guys!

'Yup, that is the real deal.'

Goldpanning turned out to be quite a bit easier than we expected. We didn't think we would find any, but in every pan there was a tiny, tiny bit. That made it even more fun. What was nice about the whole process, was that it wasn't hard, or hard to understand. 
We prepared by looking up some video's about what places in the river are good to look for gold ( and about the right panning technique.

The Öreälven is one of the best rivers to find gold in Sweden.

If you want to prospect yourself,

I suggest you do that as well, because it really makes a difference. We looked up some maps that showed which rivers are gold-rich. Here in Sweden there are two types of rivers: one coming from the forest and the other coming from mountains. Gold prospecting you should only do in a river coming from the mountains. 
Most gold you will find on the bedrock, and black sand is a good sign as well. In the river where we were, you didn't have to dig deep to get there at all, which was nice. 
Other than a good portion of hope and excitement, we brought our goldpans ( and shovels.
Definitely a cool experience and if you want to find gold yourself, do it for that, not for money. With just panning, it takes quite some time untill you can actually earn something with prospecting. Sweden is a good place for gold, but don't expect any nuggets! 

- Way Out

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