& A visit to Tentipi in Moskosel

Surrounded by waterfalls

Let's go upnorth! We checked out the place where our 'house', the Tentipi, has been made. We met the kind women who work here. They told us about a special place in the area of Moskosel, called Trollforsen. When we got there, we understood. The island, which you could reach by a tiny bridge, was surrounded by waterfalls. It was magical, another world. We put up the tent that we got to borrow from the women at Tentipi and had a great time exploring!

'Let's go up north!'


'It feels like medieval Japan!'

Trollforsen is a place in the north of Sweden. A trail takes you on the island, which is surrounded by waterfalls on each side. There is a place to put your camper, car, tent or anything else, of course. From there you go on the trail and cross many beautiful sights. I loved climbing on the rocky shore and jumping over tiny streams. On the island, you will find tiny houses and picknick places, build in the oldfashioned way. The women of Tentipi told us there is lots of fish as well!

- Way Out

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