Temple Trail

A week of hiking

120km to the buddha

From the 29th of June to the 4th of July we hiked the Temple Trail. The trail followed a river, called Logdeälven. We passed all different kinds of forests and landscapes. The trail varied in altitude and difficulty, but the amazement stayed the same. The trail was well organized and almost every night we slept in a cabin. They were so lovely and magical. Cabin life is wonderfull, with a little imagination you can be anything. With the bunk beds it definitely felt like summercamp. After five days, we completed the trail of 120 km, which ended right in 'our backyard', at the Buddha statue.

On the right you see an episode of Bushcraft Brothers where we walk the temple trail. English subtitles are coming soon.

'The trail followed a river, called Logdeälven.'

'Hike the trail, don't let the trail hike you' - Buddymoon  

 Definitely recommend this one. The variety in landscapes was nice and exciting. Some parts were very steep, making it quite a bit more challenging, but so much fun. There were not a whole lot of other hikers, we met none. Maybe that was the time of year as well. The rule with the cabins is: whoever arrives first, gets the cabin. So be sure to bring a tarp or tent to sleep in, just in case. For us, the night temperatures were fine to sleep in, but the heated cabins were definitely welcome! What I love about trail hiking like this, is that you don't have to worry about where to go, the markings will lead you the way. If you want to hike the Temple Trail, be sure to bring a waterfilter, sunscreen (the sun is very strong here) and be aware of wildlife. Then, fun is on it's way!

- Way Out

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