Hello Lapland

A new story begins

No more house, no more fridge, no more hiding places.

From the South of Sweden, we moved to Lapland, where we baught a piece of wild land next to a lake. Finally! This is what we've been looking forward to and now, we're in it. No more house, no more fridge, no more hiding places. We live in a Tentipi and a bus. Slowly, but surely, we see things more clear and feel the rest and the dream. When we got here in April, there was still half a meter of snow and lots of ice, making our building project with our visitors, (Martijn, Martijn and Sjoerd) a lot more interesting. 

'We live in a Tentipi and a bus.'

'I feel like a kid again!'

 Here, you can find a certain piece of mind. The rush of cities is less present and nature took her place. The nature is beautiful, in every time of year. Lapland has much to offer in outdoor activities like, hiking, fishing, hunting, canoeing, skiing and much more. There are great lakes, long roads and many mountains. Winters are long and summers are short. There is just a tiny timespan in which you can find and picks herbs, plants, mushrooms and berries. You should know, that we have a lot of mosquito's in Lapland.   Be prepared. Luckily, plenty of beautiful animals walk around as well. Moose, reindeer, wild boar, bevers, but also bears and wolverines. Just make sure to be aware and respect the animals. And there are some risks. What we experienced, was that knowing how to deal with accidents is critical. Everything you need, including first aid, is quite a long drive away. Lapland is a beautiful place, lot's of nature parks and trails to see. Can't wait to explore more!

- Way Out

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