Live your life

Explore yourself through adventurous endeavours

We try to live life, following our dreams and aspirations. Freedom is the goal and 'going back to zero' the tool. Nature is our home and our Tentipi our shelter. 'Less distractions' means less obstacles in the way to the real 'I'. By going on adventures, big or small, get close to each other and yourself and discover your 'why'.

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Inner Journeys & Outdoor Adventures

They work together amazingly. To us, there is no better meditation, than to hike trails, going through the mountains and forests or to sit on a raft, fishing and looking over the water surface. Nothing but you and Nature. Together, we learn from each other every day, no mistakes, just learning. No computer, no fridge, no TV, standing in between you, yourself and others. That's why a Tipi-Life works for us, to come close to who we are and our dreams.

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